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Office Stationery Dubai

Office stationery Dubai is offering wholesale price on all stationery items from one of the best stationery suppliers in Dubai. The stationery company we are affiliated with is based in Dubai and has more than 100 brands that are offering the widest array of office stationery products to choose from.

Among the Best Stationery Suppliers in Dubai

Office stationery Dubai is among top stationery suppliers in Dubai. We offer range of products and best price compare to market. The company we are affiliated with has over more than 100 brands and offers a wide collection of products, ranging up to 5000 different products to choose from.

Some Outstanding Features of Office Stationery Dubai

There are several highlight features make us excellent office stationary provider. Some of them are listed below:
Free limit order booking
The one thing that is regarded as the strongest feature of this stationery products company is the free limit order booking services. The company has no restrictions on the available size limit of the order that has to be made. The limit for making orders is completely flexible. There are no restrictions on the ‘value’ of purchase neither is there any limitation for the ‘quantity’ of products. The company caters to the needs of customers and businesses (large-scale and small-scale) without any conditions applicable.
Next day delivery
If you think that it’s no limitation order booking is an excellent highlight feature of the company, we ask you to think again! This is because the company is committed to fast delivery and takes order for as early as the 1-day delivery deadline. So you can actually book your order today and expect doorstep delivery within 24 hours. We deliver Dubai and Sharjah next day, and we try to deliver other states; Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm al-Quwain.
Cash on delivery (COD)
If don’t have credit card and you want to order online then we can certainly help you. Cash on delivery is referred as selling of products where payment can be made on delivery and you don’t need to pay in advance.
High-quality products
The company takes pride in being one of the largest operating companies as Dubai stationery distributors to offices throughout the UAE. The company offers the widest array of products, offering more than 5000 superlative products for the customers to choose from. All products are of extremely high-quality and that is the one thing that is never compromised upon. In addition to this, the company also takes orders for customized gift items as per the customer requirement.
Digital Printing and Lamination Service
We also help you with large scale and digital printing, business cards, flyer, books and all other kind of printing, binding and lamination. Documents to be printed can be sent us by email and we will take care of delivering it to your location.
Customer care services
One thing that makes every company superior to all its competitors is how they treat their customers. This company has been around for almost a decade now and has ever since been a top rated stationery company in Dubai. All office setups in Dubai greatly trust this company’s services and products. The supreme quality of the products is no doubt one reason. However, another reason why this company is so successful in its vendors is the way it treats and tackles it, customers. It offers around the clock assistance to the customers. It always appreciates any feedback from the customers and works on it for improvement. In addition to this, it also is concerned with what the customers want and makes sure to design products that well suit the needs of the customers.

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